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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  May 8, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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today, linda evans is in washington to shine light on a serious problem that could effect someone you know. she will join us live coming up. and you will meet two local women who stand to win a million dollars but have already won a healthier life they are final lists in dr. oz's transformation nation. we will introduce you to them. tucker barnes, down stairs in the weather center. good morning. good morning a little sunshine to start your morning clouds will move in but eventually rain showera few thunderstorms as well a cold front north and west of the city moving in later today sentinel radar, rain showers moving in from the west already, light showers west of hagerstown and these will be working in i think, one, two, three this afternoon we will start to see showers north and west, of washington. there is your bigger picture cold front up ahead of it temperatures will be nice and mild today, so good news if you like warmer temperatures mid- to upper 70s with a little more
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humidity than what we had around here during the day yesterday. here is your mild start 63 washington, 62 baltimore, naval air station, 65 degrees for you expect high temperatures, in the mid-70s, lots of clouds around. afternoon showerstorms developing, 75 at 4:00 p.m. all right more details on that forecast coming up in a couple minutes nice looking 5 day i will have it for you coming up back to you. thanks tucker. our top story at 9, two montgomery school employees off the job under arrest charged with sex crimes incoverring students. cases involve a teacher at neilsville middle school in german town and a media services technician at north wood high school in silver spring. fox 5s will thomas is live outside north wood with more details good morning will. >> reporter: tony allison good morning to you. certainly troubling as you said off the top of the show, troubling news for parents
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student, faculty and staff not only at north wood high school behind me but german town at neil wood. silver spring north wood high school according to montgomery county police they are looking at aaron he mere while investigating the child pornography allegations detectives received further information, three students at the school were victims of various sex offences between october 1st, last year and february 29th this year. during this time according to police he had solicited two victims for sex via text messages inaproprietily touched two victims on several occasions and according to police, showed two victims images of a naked man on his cell phone and exposed himself to two victims all offences occurred inside north wood high school. a bond hearing is scheduled later today for the 39-year- old. the principal of north wood high school sent a letter home
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with students yesterday, principal johnson said in part, in early march, a parent contacted montgomery county child protective services and alleged inappropriate behaviour by mr. le mere with her child he was immediately placed on administrative leave and resigned a short time later. that is the case at north wood high school. now let's go to neilsville middle school in german town. 7th grade teacher, cornell is accused of having inappropriate contact with a 14-year-old student the 50-year-old befriended the student and had contact with her off campus. now here is a partial statement from the pins pal as well her name -- principal as well. she said in late february, administration was informed of possible inappropriate behaviour by this staff member we contacted child protective services and immediately placed
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mr. cornell on administrative leave where he remains at this time. both workers remain on leave, in the case of the neils wood middle school teacher the other one the staff member he resigned a short time later as we said. and we are told counsellors are available at both schools for students. tony back to you. >> thank you very much. another big story cia takes down another al qaeda plot to blow up a u.s. bound plane. only this time the bomb, may have been able to get past metal detectors, doug luzader is live on capital hill with the very latest. frightening stuff good morning. >> reporter: good morning it is. and we are still learning more details about what really happened here but one thing seems to be clear, al qaeda bomb makers are getting much better at their craft. u.s. bound airliners again, in the cross hairs. latest plot involves refined
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version of the underwear bomb that nearly blew up a flight over detroit on christmas in 2009. cia intercepted it in yemen before the would be bomber even purchased a ticket. u.s. secretary of state, hillary clinton reacted overnight during a visit to india. it indicates terrorists keep trying they keep trying to devise more and more perverse and terrible ways to kill innocent people. >> reporter: the white house said to acknowledge the president learned about the plot last month. a time when the administration was trying to reas sure the public. >> at this time we have no credible information, terrorist organizations including al qaeda are plotting attacks in the u.s. to coincide with the anniversary of osama bin laden's death. >> reporter: for department of homeland security the fear is bombs like this that cannot contain metal parts are getting tougher to detect. >> it is worrisome, al qaeda,
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is able to build bombs still, after a year or more of increasing drone strikes. >> reporter: now we don't know what became of the would be bomber but the bomb itself is now in the possession of the fbi in virginia they are going through it to determine what the state of the art is now for al qaeda bomb makers. >> doug luzader live on the hill thank you. the obama administration will not make a deal with al qaeda to secure the freedom of a rockville man. white house press secretary carney said president obama is aware of the video released over the weekend that shows warren winestein begging for his life. carney says mr. obama is greatly concerned about mr. winestein's safety but it is u.s. policy not to negotiate with terrorists. >> our hearts go out with him and his family we condemn his kidnapping in strongest terms and call for immediate release the u.s. government will
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continue making every effort to see him released safely to his family but cannot and will not negotiate with al qaeda. >> the 70-year-old was kidnapped 9 months ago in pakistan al qaeda says they will free him if the u.s. stops attacks in pakistan, afghanistan, yemen and somalia and releases all al qaeda and taliban prisoners around the world. priest of an episcopal church in maryland who died after being shot along with another church worker will be laid to rest today funeral services for reverend mary cohen will take place in baltimore. she and brenda brewington were shot inside an office in ellicott city last week. brewington died at the scene cohen a few days later police believe a homeless man who frequented the church for food donations shot the women and killed himself. fairfax county police made
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an arrest in a deadly case of suspected road rage. a woman is charged with felony hit and run police say she hit and killed erington friday in mount vernon area. she had stopped and got out of her car and got into an altercation with another driver when she was hit. investigators don't know what caused the disagreement. rick santorum endorses mitt romney, the endorsement from romney's bitter rival came in a late night e-mail to supporters. now in that e-mail santorum urged them to deny president obama a second term saying quote it will require all hands on deck if our nominee is to be victorious. governor romney will be that nominee and has my endorsement and support. romney is expected to add more delegates from today's primary, polls are now open in north carolina, indiana and west
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virginia. a partisan show down is expected to come to a head with a vote concerning student loan interest rates. they are at odds how to keep those interest rates low melanie alnwick is here with more. a senate vote is scheduled for noon before the hearing may be blocked and the bill renegotiated. this has become an issue like so many fiscal fights democrats and republicans agree on the end goal but can't see eye to eye how to get there. we are talking about federally subsidized student loans 7 million students depend on to pay for college. interest rate is set to double july 1st, democrats who like the pay for the rate freeze, increasing some payroll taxes on high earning stock holders, republicans prefer to take the money from a new preventative health care fund, set up in the health care plan. you can see classic differences in philosophy when everything comes with a cost.
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>> it costs $6 billion, so one year of extending these lower interest rates, is going to be scored as costing the federal government $6 billion or so, which is you know in this sort of era we are in, reducing the federal deficit you can't do anything without finding savings some place else. >> just a couple things about this whole loan rate debate that has not been clear before first the rate increase would only effect new borrowers not retroactive to people with current loans and second the cost to borrowers we have heard so much about. u.s. department of education estimates it would be $1,000 over the life of the loan. now because these loans are paid out over a decade or more, it really amounts to about $100 or less a year, and if you break it down further, maybe even just less than $10 a month still as you can imagine allison and tony beneather party wants to be tagged as the one who raised the cost of
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student loans. all right thank you very much melanie. >> thanks melanie. >> still ahead, on a tuesday, he is the voice of dc but unfortunately we haven't heard much from him lately. >> chuck brown's health, forced him to cancel several recent shows this morning we have an update exactly why the god father of go go has been off the stage for several weeks now. up next looking for something different to do on your next vacation, be a vol untourist, one local man looking to change the world one trip at a time. 9:11 a.m. 
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hurricane katrina turned hundreds of thousands of lives upside down but also helped change the life of a local man for the better. ken bud a journalist was having what you might call a mid-life crisis when he decided to sign up for disaster relief through a movement called vol untourism
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since that first trip he has been around the world, volunteering his time in many capacities he is out with a new book, published today called the volunteerist good to meet you. >> thanks. let me start with voluntourism that is a phrase you coined. no, some call it volunteer vacations, i don't think they have settled on a name yet. >> it does capture what you have been doing. before we get to the nuts and bolts, let's talk about how you started it was a mid-life crisis of sorts really, what prompted this was the passing of your father right? >> right and i was kind of going through a period as we some times do where i was questioning who am i what is my purpose and then my father died and he died suddenly, and after he passed away people were writing us saying your father changed my life and i thought what are people going to say when i am gone this opportunity arose, volunteer in new orleans out of the blue and i took it.
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>> out of the blue and from my sense of things from reading the book that first trip you took, you kind of just jumped in, you know, it seemed to me there wasn't a lot of thought not a lot of research, done on this tell me about that. >> well, they wanted unskilled volunteers that was perfect for me i had no skills. what i found is you go thinking you are going to do a certain thing, paint houses whatever but just being there is a big part of it i wonder when you see the scale of katrina, how can one person make a difference i told myself one day i was scraping a shed and i said if i don't scrape this shed they can't paint the house you can't paint the house the person can't move back in and then you realize this small act has meaning. >> let's talk about the different places you have been we showed the picture of new orleans, there, you have been literally all over the world, ecuador, costa rica, china, kenya. china you write about china tell us where this picture is. >> take none the cloud forests
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in ecuador, an deese mountains, 2 hour walk to get there. >> how long were you there. >> two weeks. >> what did you do >> assisted climate change researchers doing work there, data collectionand whatever they needed. >> the concept of the vol untourism is that you even cali are doing this dour -- eventually you are doing this during your vacation time. >> it is a strange concept that you are using your free time to work but some times paying for the privilege. >> not being paid and you are paying for the trip. this is this china you write about china and it is interesting because you don't speak chinese. >> right. >> you were asked on one occasion why you were there what was your answer. >> i gave her the -- my straight answer this was true it is a way to see a place on a level you never would otherwise because you are working with local people eating local food, and when i was in china, i was there with a friend every day
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we would walk to the school and never saw any other westerners which was baffling in some ways this was a huge city, the terracotta warriors are there one day we saw a tour bus go by that is where they all were. it gets you off the tour bus on to the streets. >> meeting people and interact being the locals. >> do you now that you have been doing this and travelling to so many place, do you feel betterrant yourself and your contribution to the world? >> i came to see -- feel much smaller which was not necessarily a bad thing and came to appreciate my life and all i have and i feel the commitment to places where i went and where helping them out money from the book will go to places where i worked. >> is this something other people should investigate doing. >> i am not sure it is a trip, for everybody some of us do want to go and relax and we would rather splash in a pool than sweat in a school but for many people who have done the tour bus thing and want to try
9:19 am
something different or give back. we don't all have two years to give to peace corps. >> one thing you talked about to do this and understand and appreciate what it is you are doing whenever you go to whatever country and help out, you have to kind of manage your expectations. >> right especially if you are only there two weeks anything you can do you are not going to change the world, not going to save the wormed anything you do will be small but -- world anything you do will be small but in china, they had a tough job, in a special needs school. i heard after we left, the teachers said we seem to laugh more when volunteers are here. for them it helps them out. >> you have two book signings coming up may 19th, politicprose at 1:00 p.m. in the afternoon, connecticut avenue and then may 31st, evening book signing at one more page books in arlington virginia where folks can meet you talk to yo about all of this and i have to
9:20 am
ask you, your wife is she onboard with this now? because you kind of sprung it on her from what i read you know, and it is a did i have aren't way to use your vacation time -- different way to use your vacation time. >> you have heard the time the better half she is the 99% she was a good sport >> fascinating. it is available starting today thanks for coming in. >> allison over to you. >> tony thank you so much. next on fox 5 morning news two local women on the road to lead healthier lives and a chance to win a million dollars. meet the final lists in dr. oz's trance formation nation. -- transformation nation. an update on the god father of go go. holly. >> i am whipping up a little mothers day gift take a look at this yarn that i found. i found it here at ac moore just one of many projects ideas you can do for your mom come
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mother days. it is affordable 48% of people report their mom as being a friend on facebook, so the question is what are you doing for your friend. we've got all the ideas live later on fox 5 morning news stay with us 
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>> an update on chuck brown's health. according to a report in the washington post, he is recovering from pneumonia. his daughter revealed information yesterday, she says her father has been in the hospital for two months now. brown was admitted after complaining about arthritis, that is when doctors discovered a blood clot which was removed. he contracted pneumonia recovering from that operation. we wish him the best. we have a health alert about obesity in the u.s. about 42% of the u.s. population could be obese, by the year 2030. that estimate is published in the american journal of
9:25 am
preventative medicine, based on current population statistics including gender, age and employment data. thousands of people across the country who have been worried about weight take action. we are talking about participants in dr. oz's transformation nation. >> idea he announced the ten final lists who could win a million dollar prize two of them are local let's meet sheila heinz from sterling virginia, she lost 30 pounds biking swimming running and just eating healthy. >> good for her. >> also in the running for the top prize stephanie lewis, she is from wood bridge virginia, she lost almost 50 pounds during transport mission nation she hit the gym -- transformation nation she hit the gym 4 times a week and ate right. good luck. >> well, the best seller, 50 shades of grey, banned in some libraries now, coming up where that is happening and the fight
9:26 am
to put it back on the shelves. another heart pounding loss for the caps highlights from the latest round against the rangers when fox 5 morning news continues. it is 9:26 a.m. [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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>> two heart breaking goals by rangers take down the caps. first came with just 6 seconds to go in regulation, the game winner came 1 minute 35 seconds into overtime caps now face possible elimination at verizon center tomorrow night but shall not be eliminated they will win. >> all right. >> major league baseball laid down the law against phillys pitcher cole hamills he was
9:30 am
suspended five gamefined. he hit bryce harper with a fastball to his back sunday night afterwards hamills admitted he did it on purpose and the pitch was his old school way of welcoming the phenom. he began his suspension last night. >> good. >> yes, welcome. >> and then admit it. >> or did he think it was -- >> not cool. >> boasting he did it. >> yeah,. >> must have thought it was okay >> capitals loss was excruciating. >> 6 seconds left. >> it is not over. >> okay. i believe they will win tomorrow. >> all right got to get to weather. >> speaking of legends the weather moving in will be not legendary. it's been a long day tony. >> are you on cold medicine? >> he should be. here is a live look at your radar shower activity continues to move in from the west as it gets in here later today i
9:31 am
think we will see showers break. not now, 95 and washington not here yet but getting closer along with cloud cover just west of front royal and hagerstown light showers, cumberland you can see, light showers at the moment. let me show you the bigger picture, a cold front off to the north and west, that will be tracking to the east. a little sunshine, watching south and east, southern maryland, low eastern shore. eventually we will see the clouds move in during the clouds of late morning by afternoon, early to mid- afternoon showers moving in from the west. this is the heaviest rain off to the north and west, with that area of low pressure. we are not expecting periods of heavy rain but it is possible, if we get in here, we can see scattered thunderstorms we need rain showers. let's hope we get some here, list of future cast, clouds move in first, showers move in later this afternoon. skip right over that one. showers will continue on and
9:32 am
off here through the afternoon hours, and then, as we get into the night time we will still have showers in the forecast probably right into tomorrow mornings commute. mild temperatures that is the other story 66 washington. 70 quantico expecting high temperatures mid- to upper 70s notably warmer than what we had around here yesterday, a little more humidity, winding pushing out of the south, your forecast, clouds moving on in, 76 degrees. winds out of the south 10 to 15 showers and storms will linger tonight, and i think tomorrow morning we will still have showers around for that morning commute. 62 the overnight low. tomorrow doesn't look great showers and clouds, as we get into the afternoon, rain will let up, and check out thursday, friday and saturday, sunshine, low humidity, temperatures 70s. could be perfect start to the weekend highs by saturday approaching 80 degrees low humidity should feel pretty good out there. that is a look at your weather
9:33 am
forecast allison and tony back to the desk. >> thank you tucker. take a look at your screen. down at the world war ii memorial on the mall there is a wreath laying certificate me laying ceremony, it was this day may 8th, 1945 germany's surrender was officially announced representatives from the army, national park service and u.s. holocaust memorial are taking part in this mornings event. i mentioned today was when the surrender was officially announced but actually took place may 7th,. >> we know that thanks to a bold reporter who chose to break an international embargo of that news it was a move that did get him fired but 67 years later, an apology. late last week associated press officially apologized to the family of edward kennedy the ap chief in north africa s one of 17 reporters taken to witness
9:34 am
the surrender ceremony in the early morning hours of may 7th, 1945. but a 36 hour embargo was put on that story, so that the russians could stage a second surrender ceremony, in berlin. well, kennedy broke the embargo after the surrender was announced on german radio. now britain's prince harry at the nations capital, was honored for charity work he and his brother prince william have been doing. >> he served in the british military along with his brother set up a charity to help wounded soldiers after seeing their buddies get injured. >> so many of arousers men and women, have -- of our service men and women have made the ultimate sacrifice. so many lives lost, and changed forever. for these selfless people it is after the guns have fallen silent, the din of battle quietens, the real fight begins a fight that may last for the
9:35 am
rest of their lives. >> very well said. so eloquent. before the ceremony, the 27- year-old royal was at the british embassy where he met members of the british and u.s. military who were wounded in war. good for him. >> yeah. >> great they honored him. >> foxes new girl wraps up its first season tonight. >> we catch up with two stars of the comedy, to find out what the future holds for them. the morere products we touch around the sink,
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the more dirt can spread around the kitchen. that's why we created the lysol no-touch kitchen system. one solution for sparkling dishes, plus clean surfaces, plus healthy hands. all in a no-touch design.
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wildly popular erotic romance novel, 50 shades of grey apparently too wild for some. >> yes, the book has been banned from public libraries in brevard and orange counties florida. one library services director calls it porn. one local resident has now start add petition pushing for reversele of that ban. so far she has more than
9:39 am
150,000 signatures. wow. >> all right. new girl wraps up its first season tonight with a finale airing at 9:00 p.m. here on fox 5. >> sarah simmons talked with the actors who play the on again off again couple schmitt and cece. they play the characterses and were a little cagey about what the future holds for them. check it out. >> reporter: you are kind of on again off again love interest i can't keep up with you two what can we expect? >> sarah, it's hot, it's cold it's hot again, some times it is freezing, then maybe you know boils up i don't know. we are just that -- it is that kind of relationship. that is why you keep tuning in you never know what you are going to get. >> reporter: exactly so rocky just keeps us coming back for more. give us a little bit of a sneak peek for the season finale are we going to have a big surprise, big shock? kind of a cliff hanger?
9:40 am
what can we expect do you think? >> there is a lot that goes on in the season finale i was reading the script going we are doing all of that in 22 minutes? the gang gets stranded out in the desert, for the night and i think they are forced to face a lot of issues that have been haunting them, through the whole season, but it is really funny and weird just like new girl is, and a coyote makes an appearance so you got that to look forward to. >> reporter: a coyote, sounds interesting. >> yeah we brought animals in. >> reporter: oh, boy always interesting when animals come in. so with a are you guys hoping or expecting for your cake rack tores to kind of -- characterses to develop into the next season can we expect you guys same on again or what do you expect again? >> i would say we will probably be on and off again for probably as long as this thing
9:41 am
goes. >> this is the thing even in this first season there has been between the two of us, pregnancy scare, marriage proposal,. >> it got deep sarah. it got deep and now there is emotions involved and you know, you can't just shed these things it is not just like oh, that was this now it is a part of me. >> now they are connected. >> there is some tension with other characterses maybe some of that interest or sexual tension if you will, that is there, do you thing that could actually hurt comedies like this? some times some of the main characterses get together. >> that doesn't hurt you want to see these kids hooking up with each other. >> reporter: but once it happens, and you know, you know it is going to continue on. >> it is something -- >> then you break them up then bring them back together gain. >> reporter: exactly. >> that is happening with these two characters i don't think the audience has not liked it i think we are okay.
9:42 am
>> we are all right. >> that was a whole episode. once again. >> this season finale of new girl airs tonight 9:00 p.m. here on fox 5. still ahead, perhaps she is best known for her role in dynasty back in the 80s linda evans is helping highlight a very serious issue. after the break she will join us live in studio to talk about what she is doing in washington today. >> we will ask her if she is tired of seeing that clip. >> still looking for the perfect mothers day gift, holly has great ideas stay with us we will be right back does your phone give you all day battery life ? droid does. and does it launch apps by voice while learning your voice ? launch cab4me. droid does. keep left at the fork. does it do turn-by-turn navigation ?
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>> a live look at the ceremony taking place at the world war ii memorial, as they are placing breaths there. this is the 67th anniversary,
9:46 am
of germany's announcement official announcement of germany's surrender, at the end of world war ii. and this event taking place to mark that occasion, we have folks involved from the armed services, united -- national parks service as well as some representatives from the u.s. holocaust memorial plea sue yes, ma'am this will be going on for some time -- museum, this will be going on for some time at the word war two memorial at the national mall. some of tvs legendary leading ladies are in town putting the spotlight on a serious issue, teaming up withmeals on wheels to highlight senior hunger. linda evans joins us live, to talk more about the cause. it is a pleasure to meet you >> thank you it is a pleasure to meet you thank you for having me on today. >> when you walk into the studio it felt up lifted the room and your smile. you are here in town to highlight a very serious issue
9:47 am
though, senior hunger why have you chosen to get involved. >> firstly i am a seen your citizen, -- a senior citizen, i am 69. i had no idea the meals on wheels, deliver, 1 million meals a day to people they get a lunch and they don't get food on the weekends, and there are 3-point some million people who need the food, but they still can't get it. this is america, and most of them, 60% are women, and my god, i mean i should say i can't sit at home and eat three meals a day and go oh, well, the minute i heard it and understood, it is not -- they are not funded by the government, it is people who are donating and volunteers and it is like 1.7 to 2.2 million volunteers who pro pair and
9:48 am
deliver these -- prepare and deliver these meals some times the people who get those meals that person who deliver it is food is the only person they see all day this isn't just about food and survival but about caring for people and we are the baby boomers every day there are more and more of us you know. every day i think 10,000 people turn 65 years of age, and one in seven are going to be at risk for hunger and we don't become aware of it now. someone you know may end up having to deal with it. >> you talk about the fact that women are disproportionately hit, we are talking grandmothers and mothers effected and to tie that in, you will be involved in a mother's day card signing event, today on capital hill, how special is that? just to let some body know someone out there cares about them. >> i think it is really important because society, we tend to dismiss getting older
9:49 am
and senior, and that is why i think it is so important, that they know someone cares, it is important that we help them at least have a meal a day and hopefully, when more people become aware more people volunteer, we can take care of a lot more people. >> that event just to let you know is at 12:30 p.m. cannon office building cannon caucus room again 12:30 p.m., members of congress and super stars like yourself will be signing mothers day cards there. again welcome to town. can't let you go without talking about the iconic 80s and the dynasty years my question is did you know that you were, through all those beautiful costumes and the wonderful hair we have been showing in and the question was asked are you sick of the cat fight video but the cat fights just the drama you were changing the landscape of television had you any idea at that time? >> absolutely not. >> you were just having fun. >> who knew, i would be
9:50 am
slugging it out with alexis i had no idea i am so known now for those fights i was in new york recently on a book tour and a lady got into the elevator with me and said oh, god i would love to fight with you. no, i don't think so. not today. >> security. >> but being crystal carington seems to me just the role of a lifetime. do you feel that way? >> every woman's dream to go to work and be able to choose any kind of -- they would let me go to beverly hillgo in the storesay that that and bring them in on racks and they here i think we will design you something special to do that show and be a part of something, they watched all over the world, i would go, somewhere and they would go crystal hi like they are my friend. how beautiful is that. >> are you still acting now? >> not for quite awhile. i am fighting for hunger for
9:51 am
people to be able to be fed >> i love that lending your name to that and your entire being as you are here with us today 12:30 p.m., cannon caucus room a card signing event, linda evans will be there and linda grey from dallas is here as well, are you two good friends? i mean i hate to put you on the spot like that. >> when you say good friends i have always adored her she is one of the good guys in hollywood one of the greatest ladies she knew about meals on wheels and has been involved and i just found out when they asked for a recipe from my book. last night we were together talking i was asking about her new series how it is doing i am so happy for her. >> we are happy to have had the open poortonty to meet you --
9:52 am
the opportunity to meet you. this lady needs to introduction but linda evans. >> thank you ladies. sunday is mothers day and this morning holly morris is at ac moore in rockville w some really cool do it yourself gift ideas these are wonderful holly you are right when you say this is what moms really appreciate when the little ones make it themselves. >> gifts of the hart is what moms want. they want to know you took the time to do something special just for them. it is the third biggest greeting card holiday behind christmas and vollen teens day, people -- valentines day. people will spend $2 million on beautiful flowers, they maybe deserve a little more than flowers. robin has come down from new jersey to give us great ideas as she always does and so look at these fun scarves. >> yes happy mothers day >> thank you >> ruffle scarves are it right
9:53 am
now to look at it, you would think oh, i can't do that. and if you look at it it looks funny but when you open it up, it is this just simple simple knitting. >> you don't have to know how to knit to do this because i am not kidding i picked up this skein of yarn i started and i am finished that. >> it has the nice sequins. >> these are fashion scarves you can wear these throughout the year. some times people's offices are chilly this is just enough. >> wonderful thing about a gift mom can wear she thinks of you when she is wearing it i want to bring in jackieas been our little helper she has hers on she doesn't know how to knit >> i do not know how to knit at all >> it was easy. >> so easy. >> your favouritery thing about being a mom. >> gratest gift on earth no matter what the day brings, my girls are it. something i recently
9:54 am
discovered and these scenes of yarn are $9 >> $5. >> 2 for $6. >> cake decorating whoopie pies instead of always giving a gift, give a gift of being together take a four week, wilton cake decorating class for $20. >> ac moore has lots of classes you can do to do a class together mom would love that and then you know, you have a new skill. >> exactly. >> what is so much fun another thing you have, something like a bead at a time, mix and mingle. these are the expensive beads, these are very inexpensive we have key chains a wine stopper some moms would appreciate more than others,. >> this mom would appreciate that. >> and then something like this, that goes on a necklace you pick out whatever beads you want. some special beads like for breast cancer awareness. penalize it. >> a gift mom can wear.
9:55 am
>> if you real -- penalize it. >> a gift mom can wear. >> if you really want to do something special tell me about the cricket. >> we used it to make the haydens happy mothers day shadow box this is what we did to make this banner there are cartridges that you put in, all different dye cuts this is a higher end item but the thing is it is not just scrapbooking it is paper crafting think how neat for mothers day having your family over and have something as awesome as this banner, you can do favours, boxes, bags, as well as scrapbooking items,personalization >> it is an investment but will give back >> this is my last tip i learned from robin she made this wonderful shadow box for me for hayden but put something special on the back the moment a child is born, a mother is
9:56 am
born, the woman existed the mother never, a mother is something absolutely new. it is like a secret extra gift only you and your mom will know. our website we have a link to ac moore they have all their classes all their wonderful projects big hug to you thank you thank you don't forget to tell your mom you love her sunday and thank you more fox 5 morning news when we come back. 
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>> maurice sendak has died at the age of 83. he was both a writer and illustrator one of his most notable books of course where the wild things are got him a prestigious medal for best children's book of 1964 about a boy named max who goes on a journey through his


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